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Contact Center Outsourcing & Staffing Solutions

Looking to outsource your contact center operations? From customer service to technical support and sales, our call center staffing solutions are tailored to meet diverse business needs. Tap into our expansive global network, sourcing top-tier offshore call center talent from over 150 countries, including renowned hubs like the Philippines and India. Book a consultation now to explore how we can streamline and enhance your contact center operations.

Outsource Your Call Center Operations with 1840

From customer service and technical support to inbound/outbound sales, we have years of experience providing a wide range of contact center solutions tailored to your needs.


Build an Omnichannel Support Team with 35% Less Downtime – While Saving 27% on Costs.

We make outsourcing your contact center support needs seamless, efficient, and flexible. Our AI enhanced, cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions provide more flexibility, reliability, and scalability than on-premise call centers. Our solutions help you to reach out to your customers 24/7 while leveraging the following benefits:

Contact Center Outsourcing Tailored to Your Needs

Exceptional CX begins with the right infrastructure, workforce, and expertise. Our contact center solutions help you construct customer experiences that feel in-house, not outsourced.

Scale your contact center operations
Onshore, Offshore, Global & Multilingual

Scale Your Contact Center Operations Flexibly

With professionals located in over 150 countries, we provide the exact contact support you need—in your desired location and language. For your long-term or short-term needs, our global network allows us to deliver quality communication for your customers on demand, on time, and on budget.

Customer Service

Deliver Consistent Customer Experience

Exceed your users’ expectations for clear communication by using our onshore, offshore, nearshore, or virtual contact center teams. Our network brings ease to onboarding new customers, engaging prospective customers, and resolving issues for current customers. You choose the location and language, and we supply the solution to your users’ nuanced needs.

Contact center customer service solutions
Contact center sales solutions

Locate Customers Across All Channels

Using the latest marketing and sales technology, our team effectively targets your prospects, engages your current customers, and strategizes to reduce churn. We operate within your budget, so your margins increase without breaking the bank. Our marketing team is flexibly designed to expand the impact of your product and the reach of your customer base.

Technical Support

Gain Support for Devices & Innovative Software

Ready to scale throughout your product’s life cycle, our IT team supports your customers and IoT devices with access to routers, WIFI, internet, and hardware. We provide a richer understanding of user experience and troubleshoot with ease.

Contact center technical support

Established through years of connections, our global network of service professionals grants 1840 clients a competitive edge. You no longer have to search for the right people: we bring them straight to your doorstep.

The 1840 Difference

We are deeply invested in helping businesses focus on business, so our services are designed to be hassle-free. We adapt to your organization structure through freelancing or outsourcing, relieving you of the roadblocks that inhibit your company’s growth.

Scalable Managed

No matter the scale of your needs, we outsource the exact number of business professionals or processes your company needs for success. Our services grow easily with your business, ensuring your evolving needs are met.

Breadth and Depth for Immediate Scale

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.

Elastic Freelancer

From part-time to full-time, our network of freelancers is ready to come alongside your business and meet your needs as they change over time. Flexibility is built into the 1840 model, fulfilling your short-term to long-term needs.

Global Pricing Model

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.