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Accounting & Finance

Hire Vetted, Remote Accounting & Finance Talent

Looking to hire accounting or finance experts? We make it easy to hire vetted professionals through flexible hiring options. Outsource your financial operations, contract freelance accounting specialists, or direct hire full-time finance professionals to achieve your fiscal objectives.

Accounting & Finance Experts for Any Role

From on-demand CPAs and bookkeepers to CFOs and financial planners, we empower your organization with next-level accounting and finance talent solutions.

Flexible Hiring Options

Outsource, Freelance, or Direct Placement... Hire Accounting & Finance Professionals Anywhere, Anyhow with 1840.

Effective financial management starts with the right people. But finding skilled accounting and finance experts is often costly and time-consuming. We reduce your hiring expenses by up to 70%, speed up the recruitment process, and ensure you get the right professionals for your needs. Whether you need a single accountant or a full finance team, we help you grow quickly with the right talent.

Finance & Accounting Solutions for Every Need

We understand each organization has unique financial and accounting challenges. With 1840, we offer customized, comprehensive accounting and financial solutions to handle every aspect of your organization’s accounting responsibilities.

Hire a freelance fractional CFO
Fractional CFO

Implement Expert Financial Leadership

Leveraging an 1840 part-time CFO saves your business the expense of hiring a full-time executive while your company scales or during a key hiring transition. Our CFOs establish cross-functional alignment and chart your company’s future financial path. Invest in the long-term success of your business with our expert CFOs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Keep Accurate and Timely Numbers

Understanding the financial health of your business is essential for unhindered growth. Our bookkeeping professionals manage your finances to ensure accuracy, simplicity, and accountability. For more extensive needs, add a controller to your accounting department, increasing discipline and driving your company’s efficiency.

Freelance accounting & bookkeeping solutions
Financial Planning & Analysis
Financial Planning & Analysis

Enable Effective Decision Making

Through rigorous data analysis, our experts enable you to make informed decisions, establish budgets, and forecast future needs. We also provide access to business and financial analysts for financial modeling or deep-diving into problem areas.

Tax Services

Optimize Business Taxes

We help you navigate the ins and outs of business taxes: correct state registration, accurate corporate tax filings, ever-changing tax laws, correct entity structure, code changes, and more. Ensure tax accuracy and optimize your tax obligations with our experts.

Tax Services

Design & Implementation That Scales with Your Growth

Ideal for early-stage, VC backed, or high growth companies, we’ll help you develop an accounting ecosystem to build the right foundation for future growth and better decision making. We come alongside vour organization as a trusted financial partner – supplying the financial teams you need while advising on the processes and procedures.


Established through years of connections, our global network of service professionals grants 1840 clients a competitive edge. You no longer have to search for the right people: we bring them straight to your doorstep.

The 1840 Difference

We are deeply invested in helping businesses focus on business, so our services are designed to be hassle-free. We adapt to your organization structure through freelancing or outsourcing, relieving you of the roadblocks that inhibit your company’s growth.

Scalable Managed

No matter the scale of your needs, we outsource the exact number of business professionals or processes your company needs for success. Our services grow easily with your business, ensuring your evolving needs are met.

Breadth and Depth for Immediate Scale

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.

Elastic Freelancer

From part-time to full-time, our network of freelancers is ready to come alongside your business and meet your needs as they change over time. Flexibility is built into the 1840 model, fulfilling your short-term to long-term needs.

Global Pricing Model

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.